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The Girl

Well I’m a donut eating, dog loving, design-centric, music festival-er, dance freak, Midwestern girl living the west coast dream with my two spoiled dogs and musical husband, Brian.

To the core, I’m just a quirky girl with a kind heart that’s good at making strangers feel like old friends. I’ve devoted most of my life to creating community – communities filled with ardent love, artistic growth and a sense of belonging to something bigger than one’s self.

When we work together you can expect that love is always the priority.

I promise that every decision I make will come from a place of gratitude and genuine curiosity on how I can document your unique story – because your love story is more amazing than you know. In the end – your love is your legacy and certainly an inspiration to those around you.

Some may find my overly sappy, hopelessly romantic, quirky personality not for them. That’s ok. But for those that do get me – I’m gonna make some kick-ass art out of you!

Her Quirks

I believe in eating dessert before anything…always.

Every time I visit home (Des Moines), I take a drive by myself to all the places that left a mark with me as a child – some are joyful and some are sad, but they are all mine.

The kitchen is no place for a woman – especially this one.

I believe falling in love is the easy part – staying in love is where life gets interesting.

I’ve got an unhealthy addiction to Anthropologie, thrift stores and abandoned furniture that somehow always follow me home.

I believe fiercely independent women are awesome but occasionally need to be reminded that it’s ok to share the load.

I don’t trust people who don’t love dogs. PERIOD.


I’m based in Northern California and frequently shoot in Napa, Sonoma, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and Sacramento. I’ve got my passport handy and always up for travel in the U.S. and abroad.

If you’re planning a destination wedding or elopement please contact me for a customized quote. Special rates are available for weddings in Italy, Ireland, Spain, and Greece. Heading somewhere else exciting?!? Please still reach out and we’ll chat. I’m a sucker for a good love story and an adventure.

Let’s connect HERE.

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