Artful Same-Sex Rose Garden WeddingChristie + Isis

In celebration of Sacramento Pride, we’re honored to share with you a story of finding yourself and finding true love!

Lesbian wedding bridal fashion - Carmen Salazar

When it comes to fabulous bridal fashion…two brides are better than one!

Polish and Pout bridal beauty - Carmen Salazar

Jessica (Polish + Pout) made sure our brides’ were absolutely glowing before their “I Do’s”!

Natural light bridal beauty portraits - Carmen Salazar

Vintage diamond wedding rings - Carmen Salazar

When Christie first reached out about me photographing her wedding, I was so excited to capture another photographer’s big day.

Although Christie specializes in gorgeous family portraits, she admitted that her and her wife-to-be were super camera shy! I can tell you right now, these ladies’ portraits radiated with natural beauty and passionate love.


Bride helping her son get ready for wedding - Carmen Salazar

Family is Isis and Christie’s number one priority. Their blended family, with kids ranging from 9-18 years old is adorable coined The Party of Six.

They even have a hashtag of their title, that was integrated into their big day!

Bride and daughter grabbing wedding gown - Carmen Salazar

Obviously, their wonderful kids got to help the brides get ready — and they did an amazing job!

Daughters dressing their mom on wedding day - Carmen Salazar

While both wearing gowns, Isis and Christie’s bridal beauty expressed their own unique and beautiful styles.

Glowing bride and daughter getting ready - Carmen Salazar

Beaming bride getting ready for ceremony - Carmen Salazar

With her artful eye in mind, I was in love with Christie’s blingy heels and pop of pink nail polish!

Fun and bold bridal footwear - Carmen Salazar

Gorgeous bride with young daughters before wedding - Carmen Salazar

The motherly love in this family brought me to happy tears all day!

Downtown Sacramento first look - Carmen Salazar

Emotional first look in front of mural - Carmen Salazar

Our brides chose the mural off of 16th & Q for their first look. Not only is it the location of their own family portraits, but the sentiment “we’re all in it together” perfectly embodies their love of family.

Same-sex bridal portraits - Carmen Salazar

Gay pride bridal wedding portraits - Carmen Salazar

Isis and Christie joked that they weren’t going to do any rainbow-themed portraits — but they gave in and the results were just magical!

Wedding party portraits with brides' children - Carmen Salazar

Intimate same-sex wedding photography - Carmen Salazar

Our brides’ love story is a rare and emotional journey. Christie and Isis met as coworkers, becoming friends, until they discovered their undeniable feelings for one another.

Artful lesbian wedding portrait photography - Carmen Salazar

Their love was so surprsing, not only to their each other but to their friends and family because they had both been married to men.

Navigating their identities, they spent many long hours in the McKinley Rose Garden crying and laughing over their messy, beautiful, growing relationship.

Same-sex brides in McKinley Rose Garden - Carmen Salazar

Same-sex McKinley Rose Garden wedding - Carmen Salazar

They didn’t believe love like theirs existed — and we are so incredibly happy that they found each other!

Overwhelmed by the support and acceptance from their friends and family, Christie and Isis’ journey to this day was surrounded by love.

Two brides walk the aisle at McKinley Rose Garden - Carmen Salazar

Tear-filled wedding ceremony at McKinley Rose Garden - Carmen Salazar

Lots of laughter and happy tears fill the lives of The Party of Six!

 Brides laugh at vows in McKinley Rose Garden - Carmen Salazar

Brides exchange wedding rings at McKinley Rose Garden - Carmen Salazar

Brides' first kiss at McKinley Rose Garden - Carmen Salazar

Our brides knew that they were meant for each other, when they saw how naturally and genuinely they became mom’s to each other’s children.

This family is one love, in the truest sense!

Happy family with the brides in McKinley Rose Garden - Carmen Salazar

Glowing brides in Rose Garden wedding - Carmen Salazar

Bright and joyful same-sex wedding photography - Carmen Salazar

Newlyweds usually have a glow about them — but Isis and Christie have never looked more radiant!

The ladies opted for an intimate family-style dinner party for their reception.

Their fabulous backyard was the perfect backdrop to a fun-filled evening!

Private estate poolside wedding reception - Carmen Salazar

Modern and elegant wedding reception details - Carmen Salazar

Modern and gold wedding menu details - Carmen Salazar

LBBTQ themed wedding decorations - Carmen Salazar

Two brides grand entrance into reception - Carmen Salazar

Same-sex wedding thank you speeech - Carmen Salazar

Their closest family and children wrote their speeches from the bottom of their heart, and had everyone laughing and crying at the same time.

Family of the brides' wedding speeches - Carmen Salazar

Bride's son makes her laugh at wedding speech - Carmen Salazar

Intimate same-sex wedding first dance - Carmen Salazar

Emotional brides same-sex first dance - Carmen Salazar

Lively dance floor joins first dance - Carmen Salazar

Family having fun on the wedding dance floor - Carmen Salazar

Isis’ family is scattered all over the East Coast, so this wedding truly brought them together in celebration.

Even Isis’ sweet grandma took a twirl on the dance floor!

Grandmother joins the brides on the dance floor - Carmen Salazar

Teenagers tear up the dance floor at reception - Carmen Salazar

I am all about unique dessert bars — Christie and Isis had an adorable ice cream exchange in lieu of cake!

Ice cream exchange wedding inspiration - Carmen Salazar

Silly ice cream wedding photos - Carmen Salazar

Same-sex wedding photo booth photos - Carmen Salazar


We’re so proud of you ladies!

Emotional brides dance with their daughters at wedding - Carmen Salazar

Brides' sparkler grand exit from reception - Carmen Salazar

Surrounded by sparklers, our brides ended the night in dazzling style.

Dramatic sparkler exit wedding photography - Carmen Salazar

Wishing you love to you and the whole Party of Six — and Happy Pride Weekend!

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