Fall has arrived…time for pumpkin pie and doggy sweaters!

Fall is hands down my favorite time of year. I love the feeling of that cool chill air but still having my skin warmed by the sun. Not too mention that Pumpkin Pie eating season commences!!! Which also gives you the excuse to eat excessive amounts of whipped cream too! This year I learned how to make my own yummy vanilla whipped cream…unfortunately Reddi Whip will no longer be getting my business. I am completely cooking challenged so I was thrilled to learn how to make something that was impossible for me to burn. The other wonderful part of fall that is not so wonderful for Sushi is….doggy sweater season!!! She’s so tiny she needs them (yes…ahe actually does!) to keep warm…yet she hates to put them on. Every time I bring one out of her drawer (yes..she has her own clothing drawer!) she immediately runs in the opposite direction. Eventually she sulks back to me…knowing that it’s inevitable that she’ll be wearing her hot pink cable knit sweater so she might as well get dressed and get her treat. Parenting can be so tough at times.

Do you have any fall favorites?

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