I've been a bad bad girl :(

Man…in college if I knew how many hats you had to wear as a business owner I’m not so sure I would have started my own business.  But here I am…7 years later…wearing many beautiful hats – but some not as often as I should.  My blogging hat has been collecting alot of dust…like layers deep of funky dust…but today I shook it off and am trying it on again.  No one may read this post except for my mom (and even that’s questionable), but today I promise myself I’m going to rock that little dusty blog hat like no one’s business. I’m going to promise myself that I won’t get overwhelmed by perfection but rather be ok with being authentic and a little bit better version of myself every day.  Not perfect…but always striving to be better.  So, today my little blog…let’s begin again – there are some beautiful things on the horizon.

Twin Peaks engagement photo


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