Kat + Dan | Memorial Auditorium Wedding {Part 1}

Kat was giddy as could be in her room at the Sheraton Grand. Her soon to be husband just down the hall, her three sisters gushed over the excited bride. Kat and Dan are into the classics. They chose the Memorial Auditorium for the vintage, grandiose element that they wanted to shine through their wedding. Kat’s dazzling gown, very vogue hat,  and vintage cut wedding bands made me feel like I stepped out of time into a classic film. The darling couple took a sweet peek at each other on the Auditorium steps, and I’ll be surprised if they don’t take your breath away too!

bridal dressing room

classic gown embellishments Sheraton Grand wedding suite

mother helping bride get readybold wedding jewelry photovintage style wedding ring portrait

simple bridal preparation photography

I realized how totally down to earth Kat is when she told me these weren’t new – they are just her favorite heels!

floral bouquet variety detailmodern mirror bride portraitelegant black and white bridal photography

Even sprinkles couldn’t dampen these lovebirds’ big day!

dramatic groom silhouette architectural portrait backdrop urban groomsmen portraits

modern groomsmen photography

These boys got swagger!

Memorial Auditorium first sight

Kat was giggling all the way up to the awestruck Dan.

bold wedding portraitselegant personal portraits

Gorgeous Kat.

stylish groom portraitsromantic intimate photographybridal gown spinvogue style bridalwear

An edgy edition to Kat’s classic look.

joyful jumping bridal photography

Make sure to catch Part 2 of Kat and Dan’s big day, coming soon!

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