Quiet that inner criticWhy every woman should experience a boudoir session

woman in black body suit with curves in boudoir photo by Carmen Salazar

Women, for the most part, are nurturers. We pour ourselves into everyone and everything around us. Sometimes at the expense of our own needs. We give until we realize we have given away far too much of ourselves without nourishing our own needs. It has become my mission in my life and artistic career to help women like you (myself included) press pause on everyone else’s issues and press play on focusing on your own needs. I want to help women like you take the time to invest in yourself, pour into yourself all the love and energy that you so freely give to others. It’s time to stop and celebrate YOU darlin! Yes…you…the strong, powerful, feminine beauty that you are. It’s time to put you first.

I speak with many women about boudoir photography and the empowered experience they’d like to have. A lot of times though, that devilish inner critic we all have can get the best of them. Here are a few of those pesky inner critics that sometimes get in the way of women experiencing something completely transformative. I hope you can learn from these women and tune out the critical noise.


I’m calling bullshit on that excuse…ok?! I’m just going to say it.

I was looking back through some old photos of myself in my college days and I remember all of the critical self-talk that rolled around in my mind. It came back so quickly it was almost shocking how easily I was transported back to that mindset. But this time, I had the lens of a 42-year-old woman as she looked back on that 22-year-old girl. It’s so cliche, but seriously, I wanted to reach through that photograph, hug her tightly, and tell that younger version of me that I was absolutely perfectly imperfect. I had no reason to question whether I was pretty enough, small enough, well-liked enough, confident enough…and so many other insecurities that floated through my mind at the time. Beauty is not defined by a societal norm or a number on a scale. Beauty is the energy and confidence you exude.

When you look back at this time in your life 20 years from now, without a doubt, you too will want to tell yourself how perfect, beautiful, strong, and worthy of so much love you are. This woman you are now, she is worth fighting for. This woman you are now, she is beautiful and worth celebrating.


It happens ladies…we can go through a spell. I’ve had women share they have let life run on autopilot and they are just feeling void of femininity or sexual appeal. They are trying to juggle parenting, marriage, day jobs, divorce, and the rest of life’s daily needs…while running on empty for any self-care. If you are feeling like this, you are not alone. Some women use this experience as a reboot. An opportunity to shake things up, try something out of your comfort zone, and reignite that femininity that resides within. Use this experience to fall in love with who you are, and let the energy be carried with you in your daily life. I know it sounds so hippy-dippy, but I swear, the shift is real.

Sexy cutoffs boudoir fashion - Carmen Salazar


Darlin, it’s your lucky day, because guess what, I specialize in working with real women who want to celebrate real beauty. If you’re a real woman, then we got ZERO problems in creating photographs that celebrate YOUR true beauty. Before you know it, your photographs will be on our gallery inspiring other women to celebrate their unique beauty! How awesome is that?!


Remember what I said earlier about us women giving so much to everyone around us??? Yeah, we’re going to revisit that point. So here’s the deal ladies. If you grew up like me, for the most part as girls, we were taught to be modest, humble, don’t brag about your accomplishments, and be gracious around others. Well…that doesn’t sit well with me in my adult years. It’s ok for us women to get loud. It’s perfectly acceptable for us to celebrate our accomplishments without making others feel small. And you know what else, it’s not our job to be small so others can feel big. And you know what even more else…(that’s not a real phrase…just go with it), we don’t need someone in our lives to give us permission or to validate us celebrating ourselves. I have worked with so many women (whether they are married, single, divorced or widowed) that wanted this experience all for themselves. Their artwork is a celebration of personal accomplishments in their health,  overcoming a lifetime of self-doubt and finding the confidence to pursue their dreams, celebrating the ability to overcome tragedy with such fierce strength and grace. These women did not need permission from others to celebrate themselves and neither do you.

Dramatic and moody boudoir - Carmen Salazar


I won’t sugar coat it… you’re right… this experience is not inexpensive.  You will be seen, heard, loved and celebrated for the woman you are today. What is that experience worth to you? You will leave this portrait experience with a renewed confidence and strength that you will carry with you. The ripple effect will be felt by those around you. This is more than just getting sexy photos taken, this is seeing yourself in a new light, your true beauty. So, what is that worth to you?

I believe to my core that empowering women through this experience is my calling in life and I want to make this attainable to any woman that wants the experience. I do have payment plan options available for our clients and will work with you individually to customize the plan. I want you to have the artwork of your dreams to serve as a reminder of everything you were brave enough to share with me.

Ready to cut through that self-critical haze?!?! Let’s chat about a session for you!

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