My favorite place on the planet | Sea Ranch

Peace, serenity, fresh ocean air…and oh yeah…almost zero cell service. lol!  Sea Ranch is easily one of my favorite California retreats. When I feel the need to disconnect with the busy world and get comfortable with the quiet…this is where I disappear to. The town of Sea Ranch is mostly all residential but just up the street is the quaint coastal town of Gualala. You can find cute little cafes, locally owned shops…and a VIDEO store!  Beyond hiking around the bluffs, relaxing and taking in the views, there’s not a whole lot to do…and that is what makes it so perfect. My brain needs to be forced to turn off and this coastal spot does the trick every time.  After FRESHbash this year I plan on escaping here with the fur babies and the husband for 1 part celebration and 1 part relaxation!

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