Vintage Diana Camera shots from Mexico

As much as I love photography and the work that I get to do – occasionally I go through periods where I feel so disconnected from my work and have visual ‘writer’s block’ so to speak.  The more I look back on my schooling for photography, I see how much of a blessing in exploration it was.  It was a gift to the creative soul to have the ability to play, experiment, fail and achieve in an environment that nurtured the visual sponge that I was.  Everyone seems to think that photography is such an awesome career…which it is.  But photography is such a small piece to running a successful studio.  It is easy to lose yourself in the the true elements of running a photography business – emails, phone calls, FB, blogging, marketing, networking, editing, designing, payroll, bookkeeping…on and on and on.  I’ve been really missing the experimental element of my life that college fulfilled and am starting to introduce that again.  I think I will be a better me, wife and photographer if I give myself that time again. 

As we moved into our new house – I rediscovered my old vintage film and polaroid cameras that I had collected and used in college.  It was like Christmas came again for me!  I’ve started to shoot with them again and am enjoying the element of surprise, failure and sweet sweet images that I’m creating.

What do you do to get past your creative ‘writer’s block’?

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