And she said she didn't have a sexy look…

Ms. Prescilla came to my studio as most women do…she wanted to surprise her honey with a boudoir album for Valentine’s Day.  She’s a recent newlywed and had wanted to do a session as a wedding gift…but if you’ve ever planned a wedding…you know there is never enough time to do everything that you hope to do. So here we are…Valentine’s Day…creating a surprise for her honey that I know he’s going to love. My clients always come into the studio readied with apologies for all the reasons why they don’t think they’ll be sexy enough or have the sexy looks needed to achieve the images they see in my portfolio. And Ms. Prescilla was no different. She said flat out – she has no sexy look. Well…I beg to differ…because I think she looks DAMN sexy! Sexiness is an energy, a confidence, a way of being – it’s so much more than just a ‘look’. Ms. Prescilla…sexy is definitely a look you can rock!

Sacramento boudoir studio - Carmen Salazar
Louboutin shoes - Carmen Salazar Photography
sexy photos in Sacramento - Carmen Salazar
Glamour photos in Sacramento - Carmen Salazar Photography

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