Classic car and sequins for days! A Gatsby-esque wedding of my dreams!Christina + Chris

This summer I had the great pleasure of photographing Chris and Christina’s Citizen Hotel engagement session.

So, it was only fitting that we would return to the lavish Sacramento landmark to get these lovebirds prim and prepped for the Big Day!

Beautiful vintage rose wedding rings - Carmen Salazar
Glamorous rhinestone wedding accessories - Carmen Salazar

Beautiful vintage glamour wedding gown - Carmen Salazar

During our engagement session, I got a sense of Chris and Christina’s vintage chic style. My jaw dropped at our bride’s glamorous gown from Miosa, and little did I know Chris would also be bringing some groom fashion realness as well!

Vintage style nude bridal makeup palette - Carmen Salazar

Getting ready for wedding at the Citizen Hotel - Carmen Salazar

Christina’s fabulous posse of makeup and hair artists and professional dancers were ready to make her day a dream come true — and looked amazing doing it!  I just love this ‘slice of life’ behind the scenes shot of what it takes to pull off a stunning bridal look!

Cute colorful bridesmaid robes with names - Carmen Salazar
Custom brass groom's cuff links - Carmen Salazar

Chris’ custom cuff links were simply darling, as a nod to the very location where they would become man and wife. This stylish accessory is a sweet memento that would be perfect to wear on an anniversary or Valentine’s date!

Groom getting ready at the Citizen Hotel - Carmen Salazar
Sleepy ring bearer at The Citizen Hotel - Carmen Salazar

Chris and Christina’s son, Ace, kind of stole the show with cuteness for the day. Clearly, when you’re barely 2 it’s important to get a little relaxation in before the wedding chaos begins.

Dramatic groom silhouette at Citizen - Carmen Salazar
Baby of the bride and groom getting ready - Carmen Salazar

This kid sure knows how to wear a suit! (And that pouty lip was too cute to handle.)

Dapper white tuxedo groom style - Carmen Salazar
Bride zipping up dress at The Citizen Hotel - Carmen Salazar
Glitz and glam bridal party getting ready for ceremony - Carmen Salazar

Can you say glamorous?? These glittery bridesmaids and dapper Man of Honor, Mr. Jake, were the ultimate glam squad.

Bride putting on shoes at The Citizen - Carmen Salazar
Father of the bride first look in Citizen lobby - Carmen Salazar

First looks don’t just have to be for the bride and groom — Christina surprised her very anxious and excited father, who was blown away by the beautiful bride.

Emotional father sees his daughter before wedding - Carmen Salazar
Cool groom and toddler son walking to wedding - Carmen Salazar

Stop. It. Right. Now. I can’t even handle this mini-me cuteness!

Urban Sacramento first look photography - Carmen Salazar
First look in front of Citizen Hotel Sacramento - Carmen Salazar

Christina was overjoyed to see her handsome boys!

Bride and groom celebrating with baby before ceremony - Carmen Salazar

Classic style bride and groom with Porsche - Carmen Salazar

What could make these sweethearts even more classic — perhaps a Bond-worthy vintage Porsche!

Urban bride and groom portraits in Downtown Sacramento - Carmen Salazar
Sharks fan spots groom with Sharks dress shirt - Carmen Salazar

This was a perfect moment of being in the right place at the right time! A meeting of two lifelong Sharks fans, showing off their NHL pride.

Playful bridal party photos in front of The Grange - Carmen Salazar

Classy groom with dapper groomsmen at Citizen Hotel - Carmen Salazar

Chris, to his groomsman: “I swear if you guys don’t make me look tall…”

(We love your height Chris — you’re perfectly Christina sized!)
Cool bridal party portraits in Downtown Sacramento - Carmen Salazar
Fun urban bride and groom photography with vintage car - Carmen Salazar
Colorful bridal party portraits with urban mural - Carmen Salazar

As a fellow photographer, Chris loved doing portraits among the beautiful streets of Downtown Sacramento. The city is full of unique urban art and buildings that just scream SHOOT ME!!!

Groom and groomsmen posing with vintage Porsche - Carmen Salazar
Bride and bridesmaids posing with vintage Porsche - Carmen Salazar
Bride and groom zooming away to wedding ceremony - Carmen Salazar

Stay tuned for our post where we walk these lovebirds down the aisle and to an artful reception at The Find/Studio 817!

Hotel: The Citizen

Flowers: The Pollen Mill

Tux: The Black Tux

Custom Tux Shirt: Tacky Tux

Cuff Links: Etsy

Hair stylists: Nikki Gates

Makeup Artist: Jayna DeSoiza

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