FRESHbash – Northern California’s creative event design competition


freshbash creative gathering

So besides photography – my other business baby is FRESHbash. What’s a FRESHbash you ask??? Well….let me tell you!  Besides it being just a kick ass party that you’ll want to go to. It’s a movement and a way of being. FRESH was born of a desire to share and showcase the abundant talent that resides in the Northern California wedding and event design community. Far too often we get stuck in our little bubbles of comfort and familiarity.  FRESHbash was created to burst that bubble and shake things up!  We wanted to create a community that embraced great design but also the idea of meeting and fostering new relationships outside of your little bubble. So, we gathered some AMAZING talent from the Northern California wedding and event design world and will bring them together to design their little hearts out at this year’s FRESHbash.  People always ask who this party is for. We like to think that it’s a party for all those arty design minded individuals. Although it is geared toward the wedding industry – we had lots of people who just wanted to check out the cool and inspiring designs and have a good time. We also had a bunch of Brides come to the bash that wanted to get some inspiration for their party without being attacked by vendors like a bridal show. Seriously, this party is thrown by people who know how to throw a good bash!  If you want to join the fun – be sure to visit the website for info and ticket details. See you on the dance floor!

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