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When I read Abby’s entry to our Empowered Experience Giveaway, I knew she was a truly powerful woman. I started the Empower contest because I wanted an opportunity to hear the stories of some truly amazing women and create portraits to nurture their confidence and help them see the beauty in themselves.

Bright and moody fitness headshots - Carmen Salazar

Through a journey of self-discovery through fitness, Abby has transformed into a woman who believes in feeling strong. She is a wife, mother, and engineer — who is proud of how weight lifting and kickboxing has redefined her self-worth.

Kickboxing fitness portrait session - Carmen Salazar

Fitness portrait gear detail - Carmen Salazar

“I woke up one day and I didn’t say, “I wished I was skinnier.” Instead, I said, “Wow, I feel strong today.”” – Abby

Female boxing fitness portraits - Carmen Salazar

As a child, Abby battled with medical and allergy issues that made her fearful of stepping out in the world. The change began for her, when she began running. Every day she got stronger and could push herself farther!
Steadily her running routine turned into a fitness lifestyle that Abby has embraced and grown within.

Fitness action head shots - Carmen Salazar

Fitness goal empower portraits - Carmen Salazar

Her husband, Alex and her daughter have been her biggest support — Alex entered her into her very first marathon and Abby has stayed dedicated to her exercise with the goal of being a good role model for her little girl.

Personal trainer fitness photography - Carmen Salazar

Fitness motivation workout fashion - Carmen Salazar

Yes, you can do all things, Miss Abby — Thank you for sharing your incredible story and for showing me how beautiful strength can be!
And thank you to Christi Reynolds Makeup Artistry for Abby’s gorgeous glow!

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