Must-Know Myths About Elopementswith Carmen Salazar

Must-Know Myths About Elopements

The word “elopement” has changed a lot over the years. Elopements used to be couples running off to secretly get married. Now, elopements are a scaled-down, boutique-sized wedding that focuses on the couple. Wow, have times changed! Unfortunately, not everyone knows how amazing an elopement can truly be in today’s world. Here are the top 5 must-know myths about elopements.

Myth: Elopements Are Always in the Courthouse 

Though your elopement CAN be in a courthouse (and there is nothing wrong with this!) doesn’t mean it HAS to be.

 The beauty of an elopement is that your day is about you and your partner, and that’s all.  With a smaller party to invite (or anyone at all, for that matter), you have the freedom to get married literally anywhere. From your backyard to a hot air balloon to the top peak of your favorite mountain, it is all up to you and your significant other! 

For once, you can make a decision that is just purely the best thing for the two of you, without having to factor in anyone else.

Myth: Elopements Are Selfish

Ah, this myth touches on another false conception about weddings in general: that your wedding day is about anyone other than you and your loved one.  Many people have weddings for other reasons than to celebrate their union.  Instead, they have a wedding to appease someone else, rather than making the day about their love for one another.

Many couples opt-out of eloping because they don’t want to upset their family. Whether it’s the bride’s father who has dreamt of walking his baby girl down the aisle or a great grandparent who insists that they see their grandchild get married. There is a lot of added pressure to put on an extravagant wedding. 

For the record, eloping is not selfish. Remember that it is your big day to celebrate with the love of your life. Marriage is a big commitment to make to someone, and the two of you deserve to spend your day. However, you’d like whether that’s having a wedding or eloping. 

Myth: Elopements Are for Those on a Budget

Even though an elopement can save you money, this type of ceremony isn’t only limited to couples who are saving. Some people choose a destination elopement like Hawaii or Europe, which can turn into an incredible honeymoon. For others, getting eloped may mean that you can use that $31,000 (cost of an average wedding in California) on a new car, home, or future family plans. 

The beauty of an elopement is that it is completely customizable to any type of budget. Want a fancy elopement? You can do that. Want to spend as little money as possible? You can do that, too! 

Myth: Elopements are Rushed and Unplanned

Again, this is a common notion about elopements. Elopements can be rushed and unplanned if you’d like, but they can also be the opposite!

Just because it’s intimate doesn’t mean it’s easy. You still have to take care of the paperwork, hiring the officiant, and any other details like your wedding cake and attire. Don’t forget to hire the best wedding photographer around to capture your special day. An elopement is a wedding after all!

 Myth: Elopements Are Just for Two People

Though you can elope with no one else there (besides a photographer for proof of marriage or the officiant), you can also invite close friends and family.

Your elopement is your elopement, meaning that any choice you make is entirely up to you and your significant over. Thanks to the COVID pandemic, more and more, couples are eloping with their immediate friends and families. Remember that you can always have a bigger celebration in the future.

Elopements are just as beautiful, intimate, and romantic as traditional weddings. Don’t let other people dictate what is and what isn’t a “real” wedding. Now that you know all the myths about elopements, you and your partner can decide if it’s right for you! Need a wedding photographer for your special day? Let’s chat! Contact Carmen Salazar Photography. One of my favorite shoots was an elopement in the city hall. You can check out the couple’s beautiful day here

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