Heartwarming Vizcaya Spring WeddingKaitlin + Paul

When I think of soulmates — Kaitlin and Paul truly take the cake! From their love of family to their vows to always making the other laugh, these lovebirds had us in happy tears all day long.

After capturing their Lake Merritt engagement session, I knew that their wedding would truly be one to remember.

Custom vow books for Sacramento wedding - Carmen Salazar

Bride getting ready with bridesmaids at Vizcaya - Carmen Salazar

What better venue to celebrate this California love story, than at Vizcaya! Our bridesmaids loved getting ready in the mansion’s gorgeous living room — and were ready to party the night away.


Lace wedding gown from Pebbles Bridal - Carmen Salazar

I’m a sucker for lace dresses and family tradition — so I just adored the coin pouch that Kaitlin’s mother sewed into her gown.

The pouch was made from her mother’s wedding gown, to carry the lucky coin her father gave her when she left  home for college. Ummmm….cue the tears…this had be bawling.

Lucky wedding gown coin pouch - Carmen Salazar

Lucky wedding coin tradition - Carmen Salazar

While her father’s coin carried her to college, the family tradition continued to bless Kaitlin and Paul on their big day.

Laughing bride getting dressed at Vizcaya - Carmen Salazar

Mom helps Vizcaya bride put on jewelry - Carmen Salazar

Fun glittery bridal high heels - Carmen Salazar

Vizcaya groom getting ready - Carmen Salazar

The first time that Paul saw Kaitlin, his jaw literally dropped. He never could have imagined that the dream girl who walked into his ambulance training class, would one day become his dream wife!

We knew the bride and groom were made for each other when they told us their favorite thing about each other. Paul told us it was her passion for family and loving nature; Kaitlin knew he was the one because “he will do absolutely everything for family”.

Bride's first look with dad at Vizcaya - Carmen Salazar

If anything was in abundance in their wedding – the love and support of family was number one. Kaitlin’s first look with her father was the beginning of many more tender family moments that day.

First look with dad at Vizcaya - Carmen Salazar

Bride's first look with groom at Vizcaya - Carmen Salazar

Paul’s hands were shaking, waiting to see his bride for the first time. They promised to read their vows first to each other in private, so that they wouldn’t cry through the ceremony. (Spoiler alert: it didn’t work, tears were all around!)

Emotional groom at Vizcaya first look - Carmen Salazar

Outdoor vow reading at Vizcaya - Carmen Salazar

Emotional vow reading at Vizcaya- Carmen Salazar

“We did it!!” Kaitlin and Paul cheered. “We’re always laughing or *happy* crying together.”

Bride and groom outside Vizcaya Mansion - Carmen Salazar

Gorgeous bridal gown from Pebbles Bridal - Carmen Salazar

Vizcaya mansion bride and groom portraits - Carmen Salazar

Kaitlin and Paul’s love song is Kaskade’s “Eyes” because she fell in love with his baby blues.

Little did they know their first dance would have a very different, surprise arrangement that night!Funny groomsmen sock portraits - Carmen Salazar

Bridal party on Vizcaya Mansion porch - Carmen Salazar

Vizcaya Mansion wedding ceremony - Carmen Salazar

Literary heart confetti on wedding aisle - Carmen Salazar

Bride walks aisle at Vizcaya spring wedding - Carmen Salazar

Groom sees bride at ceremony - Carmen Salazar

The couple was so excited to have Paul’s brother officiate their ceremony — family first meant that they wanted someone who truly knew their love to bring them into the new journey of marriage. Spring wedding at Vizcaya Mansion - Carmen Salazar

… and he did an amazing, emotional job officiating!

Happy bride and groom at ceremony - Carmen Salazar

First kiss at Vizcaya outdoor wedding - Carmen Salazar

Cocktail hour at Vizcaya Mansion wedding - Carmen Salazar

Decor at Vizcaya Sacramento reception - Carmen Salazar

As per usual, Vizcaya’s girls did not disappoint in designing an elegant yet fun reception for Paul and Kaitlin.

Reception room reveal at Vizcaya - Carmen Salazar

Each little detail reflected the couple’s fun and playful personalities — “We wanted our wedding to represent us as a couple, but more importantly the people who came and helped make us who we are.”

Hand-lettered reception seating cards - Carmen Salazar

Clean, modern place setting at Vizcaya - Carmen Salazar

Custom wedding favor matchbook - Carmen Salazar

Modern gold sweetheart table letters - Carmen Salazar


Vizcaya reception grand entrance - Carmen Salazar

Kaitlin’s parents welcomed the wedding reception with a tear-jerking speech; complete with momma’s photographic aids to paint the picture of their daughter and their love for her. She put Vanna White to shame!Sentimental parent wedding speech - Carmen Salazar

Happy couple listen to speeches at Vizcaya - Carmen Salazar

Father of the groom reception speech - Carmen Salazar

Vizcaya newlyweds watch speeches - Carmen Salazar

Best man speech at Vizcaya - Carmen Salazar

Vizcaya wedding cake cutting - Carmen Salazar

Custom rose gold wedding cake topper - Carmen Salazar

Emotional father daughter dance at Vizcaya - Carmen Salazar

Just when we thought the waterworks were over — Kaitlin’s dad paused their father/daughter dance to pull out his mitt to play a game of catch with his baby girl.

Softball father daughter dance - Carmen Salazar

He told me beforehand that he wanted to use Kaitlin’s favorite game to create a rite of passage for her husband. Passing a cap and ball to Paul meant that he is not only part of their family, but that he’s part of Kaitlin’s team too.

Groom baseball rite of passage - Carmen Salazar

Emotional father of the bride and groom - Carmen Salazar

Happy mother son reception dance - Carmen Salazar

Paul planned to surprise his mother with a serenade by his college acapella group, but he had no idea that they had created a romantic arrangement to sing for the newlyweds.

Acapella wedding reception song - Carmen Salazar

Emotional bride and groom watch performance - Carmen Salazar

The intro to Kaitlin and Paul’s first dance was surrounded by song and dance from their closest friends and family — not a dry eye in the room. 825 Romantic first dance at Vizcaya - Carmen Salazar

Dramatic first dance portraits - Carmen Salazar

After all those happy tears, everyone was ready to tear up the dance floor and sing a college song or two!!

Bridesmaid selfies on the dancefloor - Carmen Salazar

Groom's mother dancing at reception - Carmen Salazar

Wedding reception college song - Carmen Salazar

Funny wedding dance floor photos - Carmen Salazar

Kaitlin sure is Paul’s #1! Bride and groom sparkler portraits - Carmen Salazar

Congratulations to the newylweds — may you always play together and know that family is everything.

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