Boho Kirkwood Hideout WeddingClaire + Dennis

To find the perfect spot for their wedding, Claire and Dennis had three requirements. They wanted it to be in California, at an outdoors venue, that had no curfew. Luckily for them, The Hideout was just the place — and also met their Google search. My jaw literally dropped when we passed the treacherous dirt road, to reveal this stunning estate.

The Hideout Kirkwood Summer Wedding - Carmen Salazar

It dropped a little further when I saw our beautiful bride Claire. Her elegant, vintage bridal-wear was to die for!

Chic vintage wedding shoes - Carmen Salazar

Rustic wedding cabin with vintage wedding gown - Carmen Salazar

The cabin was the perfect rustic charm for the wedding party’s classic style — and I love lace!

Moody getting ready portraits at Hideout - Carmen Salazar

Bride getting ready in vintage lace gown - Carmen Salazar

Lucky sixpence on wedding shoes - Carmen Salazar

A very popular UK tradition of the sixpence on the bride’s left shoe, is given by her parents to bless her marriage. Claire’s mom and dad could not have been more excited to welcome Dennis into the family, and wish them “good health and good wealth”.

Stunning bride doing makeup at Hideout Tahoe - Carmen Salazar

Putting on wedding shoes at The Hideout - Carmen Salazar

Mother of the bride looking at wedding dress - Carmen Salazar

After getting ready at the boys’ saloon, Claire’s dad came to sneak a peek at the beautiful bride-to-be.

Father of the bride waiting to see her - Carmen Salazar

Bride seeing father before ceremony - Carmen Salazar

Ornate wedding kilt pin detail - Carmen Salazar

Guys getting ready at The Hideout - Carmen Salazar

While putting the final touches on his kilt, our groom told me the most important thing about Scottish weddings: “The curfew is the deal breaker — Scottish weddings do not stop until 3am, and this crew will definitely be dancing and drinking all night.”

Traditional Scottish wedding attire - Carmen Salazar

These poor guys had way more accessories to put on than the girls!! Their Scottish style was dapper, to say the least.

Mother of the bride at The Hideout - Carmen Salazar

Elegant vintage style Tahoe bride - Carmen Salazar

Wildflowers matched Claire’s unique boho tastes — this beautiful bride was ready to get to the altar!

Bridal party hanging out at The Hideout cabin - Carmen Salazar

Scottish Tahoe wedding groom - Carmen Salazar

Father of the bride helping groom get ready - Carmen Salazar

Claire’s dad told me that he was most excited to have a new son-in-law. Raising three girls, Dennis is the son he never had (and was very happy to show him how to complete his Scottish ensemble).

Wedding traditional scotch - Carmen Salazar

Silly groomsmen in kilts at Hideout - Carmen Salazar

These men had way too much fun with their kilts. The “most breezy” and “most masculine” wedding accessory.

Classic Scottish groom in rustic Tahoe cabin - Carmen Salazar

Dreamy vintage bride silhouette - Carmen Salazar

Boho outdoor wedding ceremony site - Carmen Salazar

Dashing groomsmen in Scottish kilts - Carmen Salazar

Scottish bagpipes at Kirkwood wedding - Carmen Salazar

Our fabulous bag pipist, led our gorgeous bride to wed her sweetheart at the Hideout’s lovely outdoor arbor.

Bride walking down the aisle at The Hideout - Carmen Salazar

Vintage Scottish wedding ceremony - Carmen Salazar

Scottish wedding traditions at Hideout Kirkwood - Carmen Salazar

My favorite tradition was the drinking of Scotch from the quaich. The well-aged Bruichladdich packed a punch — Claire and Dennis needed a cough before saying their “I Do’s”.

Drinking from the quaich - Carmen Salazar

Groom drinking from Scottish wedding cup - Carmen Salazar

“Now I’m really ready to get married!” – Claire

Ornate wedding quaich at Tahoe wedding - Carmen Salazar

First kiss at the Hideout Scottish wedding - Carmen Salazar


Newlyweds at The Hideout Kirkwood, CA - Carmen Salazar

Congratulations Claire and Dennis! Check out part two of these lovebirds’ boho Hideout reception!

Venue: The Hideout – Kirkwood, CA

Event Planner/Design: Stephanie Teague Events

DJ: SJ’s Disc Jockey

Catering: Beth Sogaard Catering

Florals and Specialty Rentals: Botanica Florals and Events

Makeup: Christi Reynolds Makeup Artistry

Hair: Kayci Stoots




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