Oh Mr. Burke…

This post is a little late but that’s never been out of the ordinary for me ūüôā ¬†Just a few days ago I celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary and it occurred to me that out of all the love stories I’ve posted about…I’ve never shared my own. My honey and I tied the knot in a simple ceremony surrounded by our close family and a few friends at the City Hall in San Francisco. ¬†I remember when we decided to get married it was so very nonchalant and anti-climatic. We were cuddled on the couch watching tv like any ordinary night and he said ‘we should get married’. The details are foggy on how we decided on SF City Hall to get hitched…but in 7 short days…that’s exactly what happened. ¬†The date was set for October 2nd, 2009, I found the perfect vintage dress at a local shop, and had a wonderful florist (thank you Vicky of Bella Bloom!) make us a beautiful bouquet and boutonniere. Well as it turns out…no matter how big or small your wedding…some things just never go as planned. ¬†I woke up early that day to get my hair done and of course…I hated it!!! Ladies…wedding PSA…get a hair trial and don’t go to someone new on the DAY you need your hair styled to only be memorialized in photos for eternity!!!! I ran back home quickly redid my hair and then jetted out the door…barely remembering to bring my groom with me! ¬†We were in the car and happily making our way to the city and right about half way there…my stomach dropped and I realized I forgot the flowers in the freakin fridge! ¬†Immediately…Brian goes into repetitious “don’t cry ¬†babe!’ chanting…but of course…I cry. ¬†A few tears are shed and then we go into MacGeyvor mode. Where at 8 am on a Friday morning can I find a wedding bouquet???!!! I would have had better odds winning the lotto at this point. ¬†But here is why I will always have a sentimental place in my heart for Trader Joe’s…besides my love of their Vanilla Joe-Joe’s. ¬†So good ol’ Trader Joe’s was the ONLY store open that we could find…but sadly they hadn’t received their floral shipment…so we opted for a Calla Lily house plant. ¬†Yes…a house plant in a pot o’ dirt. ¬†Nothing was going to stop me from saying I Do with some damn flowers in hand. So as Brian sped toward the city I proceeded to hack away at this house plant with the smallest swiss army knife ever made to make a decent looking bouquet. ¬†And, as long as you didn’t look too closely it was passable. Our wedding photo clearly shows that we made it successfully to the alter with a smile still on our faces and some shabby flowers in hand. We said our I Do’s, had lunch with our family and then high tailed it over to our favorite music festival, Hardly Strictly, to share our first dance in the park surrounded by thousands of people to Lyle Lovett singing “If I had a boat”. ¬†It was the most perfectly imperfect day…just like us…and I wouldn’t rewrite the story any other way.

Mr. Burke…you’ve gone and stole my heart for as long as I walk this earth you.

wedding photographer Carmen Salazar at City Hall SF
outdoor photos of musician husband

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